Thursday, 11 September 2014

Welcome xx

Welcome to my little blog .

I am not the greatest blogger in the world , infact its taken weeks for me to be able to figure out how to do this ! lol .  Being new to this blogging world , I'm not to sure what to write :) .

 Firstly I think I should give abit of background , I am a single mum who is crazy for Art ! , I adore drawing , painting, sculpting and creating ( not cards though as I can not seem to get my head round making a good one ! lol ) . I want to be able to share what I love with the rest of those that have the same crazy passion as I do :). I don't have a posh studio , I create from my kitchen table , with my little one , a mardy black cat and a very vocal guinea pig for company :) . I have been fortunate to count a few I have met so far, as close friends in my art/crafty journey and couldn't ask for better . one of them was even mad enough to let me draw for them ! lol , a brilliant lady called Lisa @ That Craft Place :) . You may see by the artwork at the top that I'm the artistic momma to Sugar & Spice . I love drawing them and working with Lisa and her team . They are my art babies and my crafting family <3 .

I am hoping to be able to create some more wonderful Digi's along with other art work in prints etc. I think that it will be fun to bring you along for the wonderfully scary journey to making that happen :) along with updates on Sugar & Spice too ! . If you have used these Digi's feel free to post them as I would love to see what wonderful artwork you have created .

Ok I think I've rambled on for long enough now lol time to put the kettle on and start my journey :) xxx


  1. So proud to be part of your journey. You have an incredible talent and i wish you all the success you deserve xxxx massive hugs n love xxxx

    1. Thank you :) , you will always be part of it , couldn't have found a better place for them :) xxx love and hugs <3 <3 xxx

  2. woop woop you made it to blog land :D hugs and snogs

  3. YEEEHAH!!!! Well done kelly making it into blogland!!! And the blog is looking nifty too!!!